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The first post

Let me introduce myself.

I’m a passionate traveler.  I’ve got the passion from my parents who took me around the world as a child and I never stopped traveling since then.  I’m a smart traveler.  I travel on a budget but I still want to enjoy some luxury along the way.  After a long and tiring day to explore the area I like to relax in a comfortable environment.  I pick my accommodation accordingly.

My parents used to arrange most of their travels through travel agencies but since I started traveling with friends and my family we started organizing things on our own.  My experience with travel agencies is substandard.  I regret these agencies seem unable to cope with personal preferences and demands.  I prefer to spend a few hours online to search for a good flight with my preferred alliance instead of picking the first thing that pops-up on the search engine of a travel a

Marriott Executive Appartment

gency.  Off course I know not everybody has time or wants to spend his time browsing all travel sites on the internet.  For those just picking out a few sites can already save you some euros/dollars.

Most of my travel these days is for leisure.  It started different and as such I got to know and appreciate the frequent flyer programs.  At the start of my career I got to spend 6 weeks in Budapest and we stayed in the Marriott Executive Appartments.  A few weeks after the stay I received my Marriott Rewards card in the mail.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits it gave me and to see the number of points I had collected over those 6 weeks.  What struck me most however was the fact that I could now stay a few nights for free!

So, thanks Marriott for opening my eyes.  I started looking around and registered myself for all frequent flyer programs of airlines, hotels and rental cars I used.  Off course those points you earn do expire and it doesn’t help you much to earn few points in many programs.  As most programs are free it doesn’t hurt you either.

Over the years I refined my approach and focused on a few programs.  More about this in the posts that follow.

I live in Belgium, Europe.  Frequent Flyer programs are covered a lot in US but seem somewhat less known and used in Europe.  Programs are somewhat less attractive as well but still offer nice benefits if you use them smart enough.

This blog will share my travel experiences, my tips on frequent flyer programs and my further ambitions in the travel industry.  I’m currently not yet active in the travel industry but if I can realize my ambitions this might change in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this first post and will be back for my next posts.

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