Malaysia Trip Report – Part 3 – Mulu National Park

From Kuching we continued our trip to Mulu National Park.  Fastest way to get there is by plane and only MASWings (a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines) offers a scheduled service to Mulu.

Accomodation in Mulu is very limited.  You basically have three choices.

– Accomodation outside the park in rather basic hotels or homestays.  (dorms or very basic rooms with cold showers or no showers at all and electricity available 2 to 4 hours/day) : +/- 20-35MYR/pp
Accomodation inside the park is expensive but is a more luxurious option (electricity all day, hot showers and comfortable beds : 200-250 MYR/night
– Accomodation in the Royal Mulu Resort : the hotel currently is under renovation and is expected to become a Marriott resort by the end of 2013 (it has been delayed before so it can be postponed again).  Expect limited availability and serious discomfort as long as the renovations are ongoing.  The rooms that are still available during the renovations get bad revieuws at tripadvisor.  It seems the hotel hasn’t lowered it’s rates to compensate for the limited comfort and annoyances you have during these renovations so I’m not sure this hotel is a good option for the moment.  The hotel is far from the entrance of the park so your only way to get to the park is by taking a hotel shuttle.

We had reserved the Mulu River Lodge but were walked as they said never to have received our reservation.  We got a room in the homestay just behind the hotel but this turned out to be even more basic.  Therefor the second night we opted to stay in the park.  Compare for yourself, a picture of the homestay and a picture of the accomodation in the park :



Accomodation in the park

Accommodation in the park

Mulu National Park was one of the more “advanced” parks we got to visit during our trip.  With advanced I mean that it has a real visitor center, a cafeteria, it offers accommodation and has well marked trails with information panels.  All footpaths are actually wooden walkways which gives you the comfort to look around you and spot wildlife.  (some may also find it reduces the charm of the jungle experience)  Monkeys will be about the biggest wildlife you can find over here as all other wildlife that lived here has been chased and killed before the region became a national park.  We spotted many millipedes, walking sticks, dragonflies, butterflies and salamanders.  (pictures in the Mulu Photo Library)

The one thing everybody wants to see in Mulu are the caves and the bats.  If you want to go and see the bats flying out at dusk do so the first evening as this does not happen every evening.  We spent 2 nights in Mulu and only the first night the bats have flown out.  You don’t want to be there on your last night to find out the bats have decided to stay in the cave.  You don’t need a guided tour to watch the bats, you can walk to the observation point on your own.  You can also opt to take a tour offered by the park which will take you to the Deer and Lang caves and the tour will end at the location where you can see the bats.  (The caves can only be visited accompanied by a guide)

We took the tour with Deer and Lang cave and were lucky enough to see the bats flying out at the end of our tour.  There’re millions of bats living in the caves and it’s impressive to see them flying out at dusk.  The caves itself are really nice as well.  We did a tour to Wind and Clearwater cave the next day and not two of the caves are alike.

Keep on reading for our Snorkeling experience at Tunku Abdul Rahman and the famous Rafflesia flower.


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  1. Alfred Huang says :

    Hi may I ask, what is the name of the “Accommodation in the park” and the price? Thanks.

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