Bonus BA Avios in First/Club World & World Traveller Plus


Every 2 sectors (or 1 return flight) flown on BA (or eligible flights with their partners) will earn you an additional 15,000 or 30,000 bonus Avios.  (on top of your normal earnings)

Here is how the bonus avios will be awarded :


A sector is a single eligible flight between the point of departure and final destination with no scheduled change of aircraft. A direct return flight counts as 2 sectors (ie: London – New York – London). If you connect to an onward flight, this will count as 4 sectors (ie: Lagos – London – New York – London – Lagos)

Notice the promotion is valid on Club World and NOT Club Europe.  Flights valid for this promotion are those with a BA prefix and flight on BA’s partners (Finnair, AA, Iberia) that are part of the Joint-Business transatlactic agreement. (flights between between the EU, Norway, Switzerland and North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico)
OpenSkies fligths are valid as well.

Registration for this promotion is required.  Even if you have no plans to fly BA or their partners today I would register as you might forget about this promotion the day your plans change!

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