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Why I love my American Express Card

Most of my friends have a Visa or Mastercard, only few of them own an American Express card.  At parties I’m always the ardent supporter of the American Express Gold card.  There are many reasons I love my AmEx so much:

– American Express has a 24hr customer support.  You may think you will never get up at 3am in the morning to call their customer service but this changes when you are in Asia or the United States and you have an urgent problem with your card.  I remember a fact where I was in Las Vegas with only a Visa and there was a problem with the card….  you’re on your own.
– I never experienced long waiting times when I contacted their customer service and was always helped very efficiëntly and friendly.  (It’s not funny when you get to listen to 20 minutes of music if you’re making a long distance call)
– Your American Express card comes with a package of insurances (The actual insurance package depends on the type of card you pick).  As is always the case with insurances you hope you will never need them.  If you travel often you will however encounter a day that they come in handy.  These insurances helped me out on previous trips were our baggage was delayed or we got stuck for more than 24hrs due to technical problems.  My experience with their insurances was good as well: cases were handled quickly and efficiently.
– American Express offers it’s membership rewards plan to their customers.  Membership reward plans are different in each country.  My experience is that the options of membership rewards in Belgium are lagging a bit behind with the plans offered in other countries.  Options are however still far better than what you get with Visa and Mastercard.  Membership reward points do never expire and can be exchanged for different products, hotel points or airline miles.
– American Express Travel offers a portal to book your airline tickets (as well as hotels & rental cars).  Their rates are comparable to other search engines on the internet.  Once we got stuck and could experience their superior customer service we decided to book our tickets with them each time our flights were critical.  If it were to the airline we might have not made it to our cruise on time but our contact at AmEx Travel managed to get us tickets on the next flight.  Just in time to catch our cruise.

It came back in almost every bullet point, their customer service is what I like most.  They never disappointed me and I trust they never will.

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