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[Dutch] Op zoek naar een rustige vakantie?

[Dutch] Op zoek naar een rustige vakantie? Hotels waar kinderen niet toegelaten zijn zitten in de lift:

Funny things you wouldn’t expect to hear in a plane

“Funny things you wouldn’t expect to hear from your flight attendant or pilot”.  Read this post to create a smile on your face.  Those pilots and flight attendants are not always as serious as you would imagine:

Have a funny story yourself?  Share it in the comments below!

Ever wondered how the inside of an A380

Ever wondered how the inside of an A380 looked like? Have a look inside now with Google Streeview!

What can you get away with stealing from

What can you get away with stealing from hotels? A nice article on the telegraph.  I usually take the toiletries that I have opened as I know they will end up in the trash anyway.  Some people don’t stop with toiletries alone, the guest that took the piano get’s my first prize 🙂

You can read the article here :

Stuff people complain about

I follow several forums about traveling and sometimes I come across some pretty crazy stuff.  Just last week I read something I want to share with you.

I’ve read multiple threads about people that file complaints with hotels and airlines.  Most of the time people have a very good reason to complain.  It seems you as a customer must become somewhat more assertive to receive the service you deserve, certainly when things turn ugly.

A Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong entrance

A Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However never before have I read a case where somebody complains to a hotel because he thinks he has been bitten by a mosquito in his hotel room.  (and later on again because he thinks he has been bitten by another mosquito in the gym).  Really, serious?  This occurred at a Ritz-Carlton, a luxury hotel chain.  Many people thought this was some kind of joke but it turned out the original poster was really serious about his case.

The complainant managed to get what he wanted in this case: compensation.

I certainly think the hotel went the extra mile in this case.  You cannot expect any hotel to completely avoid the presence of mosquito’s, even not a 5* like this one, and this would have been a valid statement from their side.  Instead they proved they’re a true luxury brand offering their customers top-notch service even when they receive the most insane requests.

Such complainants risk to receive a note in their file about this annoying behavior.  Sometimes hotels or airlines go a step further and blacklist serial complainers (or take back their miles/points).  Here is such a case.

Complainers not only deliver themselves and airline/hotel personnel a sour life.  (I don’t really think you can enjoy your life if you complain the whole time) Their complaints have the opposite effect of what they may hope for.  Instead of improving customer service their complaints deteriorate customer service in general.  Employees get grumpy of all these complaints., hotel chains and airlines install more and more rules and in the end nobody wins with all these unneeded complaints.

Bottom line is you should think twice before you complain.  I encourage you to complain if you have a good reason.  At the same time I also encourage you to give a compliment when the people that took care of you deserve one.  A smile and a compliment can go a long way.

What are some of the things you have complained about in the past?

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