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Big Apple here I come

My first upcoming trip will be in the beginning of June.I will be spending a week in fascinating NYC at the Fordham University  for my MBA studies.

Fordham University

It’s always a joy to go to NYC.  If I remember well this will be my 8th trip to the big apple, there’s always something new and always a lot going on.

Off course NYC can be an expensive city for lodging but there are a few tips that can save you quite some money on your lodging.  I’m paying 96USD/night for the Fairfield Inn NY Long Island (just outside Manhattan but fast access to Manhattan with the subway)

NY is pretty big so you can’t pick a hotel close to all attractions.  I will probably loose 20 minutes in the morning and the evening with this hotel but I don’t mind as I have seen all major attractions already.  I found discounts for hotels in Manhattan as well but I opted for the cheapest of them all.

Here’s how I got to this rate:

Most Hotel Programs have a “Best Rate” guarantee.  Small print of the various programs will probably be slightly different for each of them so if you’re planning on using this tip I would advise to quickly scan through the T&C to make sure you’re doing it right.

Here’s the direct link for Marriott’s program: Marriott Look No Further Best Rate GuaranteeWhat’s important:

– You need to have a reservation for the hotel arranged using any Marriott channel
– Your claim needs to be filed within 24 hours of your original reservation with Marriott- It must not be a prepaid rate or a rate with a voucher

What’s the best part:  If you file such a claim and it get’s approved Marriott will offer an additional 25% discount!

Off course it all starts by finding a cheaper rate for your hotel.  There’s no magic approach to achieve this.  Following tips will however help you.
1) There’s a friendly community of fellow travellers out there that can help you.  People share their success of finding a LNF rate and maybe you find hotels that would match your needs by scrolling/searching this forum.

2) Google Hotel Finder comes to help as well.  Type in your destination and dates and Google will add a note to the hotels that are cheaper than usual.  This is a good indication for a claim.


I hope this post will help you in relieving the budget for your accommodation needs.  Although I referred to the Marriott program other chains have similar programs, their website will inform you about the details.

I will be back with more information later.

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